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Client Stories

“From booking to consultation, Verywell connected me with exceptional healthcare providers in a hassle-free manner.”
Glen Waverly
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“The professional and compassionate support I received through Verywell transformed my healthcare experience for the better.”
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“Switching to Verywell has been the best move I ever made for my health and wellbeing.”
Brunswick East
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In the Press

“Verywell is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by bridging the gap between patients and medical professionals, and fostering an environment that prioritizes well-being and accessibility.”

“Verywell has significantly transformed the healthcare industry by seamlessly connecting patients and healthcare providers, cultivating a supportive space that values health, convenience, and individualized care above all else.”

“Verywell is genuinely reshaping healthcare by uniting patients and medical experts in a powerful way, while creating a culture centered on wellness, ease of access, and personalized healthcare experiences.”

“Verywell is innovatively altering the face of healthcare by effectively linking patients with medical specialists, and promoting a setting that emphasizes overall health, user-friendly experiences, and tailored patient solutions.”


Verywell has been awarded one of the highest rated Telehealth providers in Australia.

* Provide some evidence or context around the claims made above here.